La Casa | 227g Bag


Pulp / La Casa 

The El Guapo is now called La Casa & the story behind this coffee blend is truly one of passion and a desire to bring a specialty coffee that will stand up to espresso with milk & still hold itself down in the filter or batch brewed coffee category.  Have you ever been out to eat and wish the coffee could be right on par with the amazing flavor experience you just had at one of your favorite cafes or restaurants? The vibrant flavor profile of La Casa pairs excellent with charcuterie boards, citrus based salads, and saturday morning tex-mex breakfast tacos.  Go ahead, create your own objective tasting notes of this amazing coffee as it will definitely make your taste buds say hi, so glad we met.

Region:  Central America - El Salvador washed 50%

Region:  South America - Colombia Tolima Especial 50%